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Roll Off and Compactor Trash Service

Moore Waste and Recycling offers a variety of options for waste and recycling. Small or large projects, short term or long, little room for dumpster or a lot, we have a solution for your needs.

Moore Waste and Recycling Roll off and compactor trash truck dallas fort worth txOpen Top Roll Off Dumpsters

Open top roll off dumpsters are used for construction and other large volumes of waste and recycling.

Our sanitation experts can help you find the best size dumpster to fit your waste removal needs and budget.

Roll off dumpsters serve a variety of industries including:

  • construction
  • recycling
  • manufacturing
  • other large volume or bulky waste removal needs

We offer 15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard dumpsters.

Roll Off Compactors

Facilities that generate large volumes of waste can reduce quantity of waste up to 75% using a compactor. Heavy-duty compactors can achieve a 4:1 compaction ratio by compressing loose waste into smaller volumes, resulting in fewer services and reduced costs.

All installations are custom and completed by Moore staff. We work directly with manufacturers to find the best quality compactor for your business needs. Customers can choose to rent or purchase compactor equipment.

Advantages of Using a Compactor:

  • Reduce number of services, lower trash bill and fewer visits to property
  • No need to break down boxes, compactor will smash them
  • Prevent unauthorized use of and access to your waste receptacle
  • Self-contained compactors prevent liquid leaks and messy spills on your property
  • Take up less space than multiple dumpsters
  • Keep property cleaner and avoid spilled or windblown trash

Compress waste and recyclables to minimize pickups

Roll off compactors are available in two types:

  • Stationary Compactors are best for dry bulky waste, such as paper and cardboard.
  • Self-contained Compactors are designed for facilities that generate wet and mixed waste, such as strip centers, hospitals or restaurants.

Roll off trash dumpster Moore Waste and Recycling Services Dallas Fort Worth TXInstallation and Maintenance

  • We employ trained compactor service professionals to properly install and maintain your compactor.
  • Compactor installations are complex and require careful planning including placement, power supply, guide island construction, and other details to optimize return on investment.
  • Moore Waste and Recycling is one of the few service providers that own the proper installation equipment and employ experts required to design, install and maintain waste equipment.
  • Like any piece of equipment, regular maintenance will extend compactor life and ensure performance for years to come.
  • Preventative maintenance and repairs are services provided with equipment rental.
  • Power washing, container and motor refurbishing, repainting and enclosure clean-out are also available to our customers.


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